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BOOX Triangular Stylus (with eraser, non-magnetic)

Features: Diameter : 10.2mm Design : Sleek, triangle shape Eraser : Top Nib : Soft, 1.6mm 4096-Levl Pressure Sensitivity : Yes
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This BOOX Pen with a triangular shaft is one of our most popular designs. The shaft is lightweight and durable yet provides a great handwriting feel. The fine nib allows you to make delicate strokes while taking notes or sketching. And the eraser at the bottom makes it easy to erase notes.

【High compatibility】It works with all of our handwriting-capable devices, such as the Max Lumi, Max3, Max2, Note3, Note air, Note2, Note Pro, Note, Nova3, Nova2, Nova pro, and others.
【Convenient ereaser】The eraser allows you to remove unwanted strokes easily.
【Comfortable handwriting feel】You can easily and firmly grip the shaft with a 10.2mm diameter.
【Soft nib and portable weight】You can create wonderful notes with the nib and take the 11g pen with you anywhere.

Stylus is compatible with the following models:

  • Max Series : Tab X, Max Lumi 2, Max Lumi, Max 3, Max 2, Max 2 Pro
  • Note Series : Note 5, Note 3, Note 2, Note Pro, Note Plus, Note, Note Air (see Notes below)
  • Note Air Series : Note Air 2 Plus, Note Air 2, Note Air
  • Tab Series : Tab Ultra
  • Nova Series : Nova 3 Color, Nova 3, Nova 2, Nova Pro
  • Nova Air Series : Nova Air 2, Nova Air C, Nova Air

Notes: Note Air, the original stylus is different but this stylus can be used for Note Air as well.